Atura at IFE Manufacturing 2024

We showcased our range of plant-based proteins at this year’s IFE Manufacturing at the London Excel. Over three days, 25-27th March, we presented our proteins in several concepts. We introduced our Fava Bean Protein 80% which has been optimised for clean taste and low in viscosity, making it ideal for nutrition and beverage applications.  In our Salted Caramel Shake concept, we delivered 77% protein!

We also showcased our Fava Bean Protein 55-60% in a dairy free soft cheese application.  This application highlights the versatility of the ingredient in terms of nutritional enhancement, stable emulsion, natural whiteness and clean taste.

Over the course of the show, there was a strong theme around protein enhancement, Nutriscore optimisation and local sourcing. With the market now focusing to a greater extent on taste, ingredient performance and simplicity, there are many new opportunities emerging across food and nutrition.  We believe that Fava Bean Protein and other pulse-based proteins can deliver on this requirement. With our technical and application knowledge, we can supply solutions which improve existing products and offer opportunities to enhance Nutriscore, improve nutrition and deliver on clean label.


Fava Bean Protein 80% in a nutritional beverage delivering over 75% protein!
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Fava Bean Protein 60% in a cream cheese application.
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