Chickpea Flour

(Cicer arietinum)

ATURA Chickpea Flour is a mellow flavoured fine pulse flour with a pale yellow colour which is ideal for range of applications including bakery, processed foods, soup and snacks.

Flour power

Mild and nutty, gluten-free flour

Chickpea flour is a versatile gluten-free flour suitable for sweet or savoury applications. It is an excellent source of protein, fibre, minerals and is low in saturated fat. It has a creamy and mild nutty taste and lends a slightly sweet, mellow flavor to baked goods as well as working particularly well with dominant flavours.

Shaping what nature provides, naturally

All our pulse flours are gently milled in our modern manufacturing facility in the UK. We are an Allergen-Free manufacturing site with Organic Certified (BDA), Kosher & Halal, GMO-free and suitable for Vegan & Vegetarian. All of our pulse suppliers are BRC or equivalent approved. Get in touch
Plant origin: Turkey     Milled: UK     Packed: UK

Innovation for gluten-free flour

feature benefit
  • Protein 19%
  • High in Dietary Fibre 14%
  • Complex Carb Profile (<3% Sugars)
  • Low in Saturated Fats <1%
  • Rich in Minerals – Iron, Calcium, Magnesium
  • Clean Label
  • Low GI
  • Good emulsification properties
  • Good moisture retention
  • Improves formulation stability
  • Creamy and mild nutty flavour
  • Smooth texture
  • Creamy mouthfeel
  • Ideal for bakery, snacks, soups and ready-meals.


Application - Dairy alternativesBakery
Application - SoupsSoups
Application - Ready mealsReady meals
Application - SnacksSnacks

In summary

  • All of our chickpeas are sustainably sourced in Turkey
  • Produced to FSSC 22000 standard in the UK
  • A high quality gluten-free flour with excellent nutritional profile